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  • Magnesia Solutions’ Supply Chain ensures exceptional management of upstream and downstream relationships with suppliers and customers, channeling each other toward a coordinated initiative so as to increase market impact, overall efficiency, continuous improvement, and competitiveness.

By utilizing every mode of transportation, combining speed with cost-effectiveness, along with customs clearance services that provide control and visibility of your cargo from end to end, Magnesia Solutions delivers superior customer value eliminating difficulties and uncertainty usually inherent to logistics.

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Direct relationships with various shipping lines ensures that Magnesia Solutions maintain control of cargo at all times. Our ability to track shipments with ease, with a focus on using best environmental pracitcs, we ensure that all goods are delivered to destinations in a timely and cost effective manner.


Providing local and cross border road freight solutions gives our clients peace of mind that their cargo will be delivered on time, at reasonable costs and in good condition, with Magnesia Solutions having taken care of export documentation and pre shipment inspections where required. These turn-key solutions include daily tracking of every consignment ensuring our clients are informed of the status and position of their cargo at all times.

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Strategic partnerships with rail companies afford Magnesia Solutions the opportunity to offer alternate cross-border transport solutions. Dependable, least affected by weather conditions, high speed over long distances, cost effective and elastic carrying capacity, rail shipments are well organised with fixed routes and schedules.


Our in-house agent specialises in clearing and forwarding, affording Magnesia Solutions full transparency and control of sea freight imports and exports.

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Strategically situated state-of-the-art warehousing facilities form part of Magnesia Solutions’ highly invested distribution network. These facilities are designed to link with our clients’ specific logistic cycle.


Magnesia Solutions’ inventory management services provides shorter lead times and uninterrupted supply, all while maintaining superior quality and integrity of our product.

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